D.I.Y Electrical support

CONSULTING + D.I.Y electrical Kits

Unprecedented times call for creative solutions. Helping you undertake safe electrical work with confidence in your own residence, Blais Electric’s team of electricians offers 30 years combined experience designing practical and reliable electrical in new construction and renovation projects.


We support our clients who want to tackle D.I.Y. electrical by helping to get the job done fast without waiting for an onsite visit. Our video packages include all the advantages of working with a qualified professional:


  • step-by-step coaching from a licensed electrician in real time as you complete the project

  • expert advice on proper safety protocols and code compliance

  • supplier prices on essential materials and tools which we order and deliver to you


With our technical knowledge, forward thinking, and expert guidance, we help you plan and complete your project.

$70.00/two calls for a total of 45 mins

  • Perfect for homeowners who have spare time, interest in electrical work, and some experience with basic home repairs.

  • Designed to address a single, small electrical project such as changing a switch, changing a light fixture, adding a dimmer, or repairing/replacing a receptacle.

  • Two video calls (45 minutes total) to scope the project, estimate material costs, and provide advice.

  • We order and deliver tools and materials needed at our reduced supplier rate.

  • Our guarantee: if we cannot address the project in the call, you receive a $70 credit upon booking a future service call for the same project.

  • Estimated savings of $130+ over our in-home service call.


Price Varies based on job size and scope. we will provide you with the most cost effective option

  • Ideal for homeowners who have some knowledge of basic electrical and want to save money by tackling projects themselves.

  • Designed for a medium-sized electrical job. Viable examples include: lighting layout/density calculation, new construction electrical design, safely removing/securing old electrical, or designing panel layouts/wiring schematics.

  • Includes a series of conversations (in-person and/or video chat) with our licensed electricians to tour, diagnose, estimate material costs, advise, and pre-inspect your work.

  • Three part process includes: establishing scope of work, mid-point check-in, and final pre-inspection.

  • We order and deliver tools and materials needed at our reduced supplier rate.

  • Includes a brief on basics of the Ontario Electrical Code.

  • Estimated savings of $700 – $2000 depending on job.



Have the know-how and just need access to quality materials and tools at the best price?
We deliver a new professional grade electrical toolkit including:

  • wire strippers

  • linesman pliers

  • side cutting pliers

  • box cutter

  • plug in tester

  • #1 and #2 Robertson screwdrivers

  • flathead screwdriver

  • a non-contact voltage meter

An electrical meter can be purchased from Blais Electric at an additional cost or can be borrowed from the Guelph Tool Library.

We can also provide essential materials based on your project specifications at an additional cost.

Free delivery or curb-side pickup in Guelph. Standard delivery rates apply outside Guelph.

Contact us to discuss these packages designed to save you money. We are always available to answer any questions you may have during your project, from start to finish. If you're having doubts, just give us a call and we can quickly determine if you're up to the challenge or in over your head. You can count on our honest opinion free of charge.