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A Straw Bale, Off-Grid Home in Creemore, ON

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Blais Electric is excited to be working on this incredible home. Located near the village of Creemore, Ontario (1.5 hours outside of Guelph) the building is a straw bale structure - a natural building technique that uses straw bales as structural elements and insulation. Some of the advantages of straw bale construction over conventional building include: the renewable nature of straw, low cost, improved air quality, and ease of availability. Straw-bale buildings are also naturally fire-retardant and have high insulation values.

We are wiring the home to be 100% off-grid, installing a full solar energy system with a generator for back up. We are also wiring it to have a significantly reduced electormagnetic field (EMF). A truly sustainable and future-forward project that we are honoured to be a part of.

Is getting your home or business off-grid something you are curious to learn more about? Wondering where to start or what bite-sized projects have the biggest impact? From electric car charging stations to full solar overhauls, fixture change-outs to nanogrid installs, we can do it all! And we are happy to provide you with ideas for tangible, budget-conscious projects to help you gradually work toward your end goal.

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