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How to Check if a Circuit Breaker has been Tripped

We've all been there- you are running a few too many appliances at once and all of sudden everything goes dark.

If you find yourself in this situation, the solution is typically an easy fix, but sometimes it requires professional help. Follow these simple steps to trouble shoot a tripped breaker and hopefully get the lights back on.

  • Go to your main electrical panel. This is usually located in the basement, utility room, or garage.

  • The breaker has 3 positions – ON, OFF or Tripped (Middle Position)

  • If your breaker is in the tripped position, push it to OFF position first. You should feel it click. From there, push it back to the ON position.

  • ​If  the root cause of the breaker trip is still present (like a short in the circuit or the circuit being overloaded) the breaker will trip again. You may see a flash when this happens. If you see a flash or are unable to reset the tripped breaker, give us a call at 519-766-2940 to investigate.

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