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Make Sure Your Halloween isn't a Real Life Scare!

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means there are soon to be monsters and goblins making their way to your front door. When gearing up for this spooky night, safety should be top of mind.

The following tips will help ensure your home and the trick-or-treaters visiting it remain safe.

Don't Burst into Flames!

Many of the decorations used around Halloween include dried hay bails, corn stocks, and leaves. Pair that with pumpkins filled with candles, hot light bulbs, and ample polyester-clad decorations and you have a pretty serious fire hazard. Avoid using a real candle in your pumpkins, instead opting for a flashlight or battery operated artificial candle. Also, be strategic when setting up your spooky displays - ensuring any lights or electrical elements are kept well away from anything that could potentially catch fire, using particular caution with ground installed flood lights, or hanging decorations near porch or accent lights.

Check Your Decorations

Before installing Halloween decorations or lights, be sure to check all electrical cords, plugs, and outlets for signs of wear or damage, being sure to discard any items with frayed wires or melted/ damaged cords immediately. Double check that any electrical items being used outside are marked "for outdoor use", and keep cords out of high traffic areas where they can become a tripping hazard. Lastly, protect you and your guests from electrical shock by ensuring all outdoor decorations are plugged into outlets with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs).

Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

It is recommended you check your smoke detectors every 6 months - a good rule of thumb is to check them whenever daylight savings happens, but why not get a head start and inspect them now? Replace the batteries, give them a quick vacuum to remove any dust buildup, and test each one.

Going out? Turn off the Lights!

Not only is this a small courtesy to trick-or-treaters - alerting them that no one is home at a light-out house, it's also an important safety consideration, helping to prevent a potential fire when no one is home.

Need a hand with your outdoor electrical project? Book Blais Electric Online or give us a call to discuss how we can help!

Happy Halloween, ghosts and ghouls!

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