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Meet The Team: Company Founder - Patrick Blais

Meet our Company Founder & Master Electrician, Patrick Blais.


How it Started.

Patrick started Blais Electric after becoming fed up with the long days, bumper-to-bumper 401 driving, and general mistreatment he experienced in his past electrician jobs.

He wanted something different both for himself and the future of electrical contracting.

Something where we wasn't a top-down boss, but rather a leader of a team of people who were valued as humans as well as being respected as father's and mother's (home for dinner and no working on weekends) and people who have a life outside of work (fun and play anyone?)

After taking a leadership course where he was encouraged to dream big and encouragement from his wife Ami, Blais Electric was born.

That was 13 years ago.


What Happened Next.

When Patrick & Ami first started Blais Electric, it was just him in a truck and Ami helping in the office (aka the kitchen table). He focused on doing things the right way and the community began to notice, with many people complimenting him three main areas:

1) he always returned their phone calls

2) he showed up when he said he'd show up

3) he did good work

His reliability, integrity, and deep care was the vehicle that encouraged others to share Patrick's name with neighbours, friends and family. And as a result of holding these values close to his heart, his business grew.

Today, Blais Electric is a small company of 8 and these values are still the hearth and home of the business (and what has allowed for 375 five star Google reviews).


An Electric Tradition.

Patrick is a third-generation electrician. His french Canadian grandfather started his own electrical contracting business, Blais Electrical (not Blais Electric) in Welland, Ontario. Patrick's father followed in those same footsteps and also became an electrician.


Outside of leading Blais Electric.

Patrick loves to mountain bike, travel, read, spend time with his wife and copious amounts of his free time teaching, loving, and caring for their 2 wild and free children.


Whether you're planning a home renovation project, looking at installing new appliances, or have questions about your existing electrical systems, give us a call today to see how we can help!

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help, or schedule a service call or free in-home consultation online today.

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