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Spring Cleaning: Tips for a Safe, Energy-Efficient Home

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

It took a while to get starter, but the weather is finally warming up in Ontario – It almost feels safe to say spring officially arrived!

As the sunshine comes out, we are eager to begin planning projects and getting organized for the summer months ahead. Today, we share some electrical safety tips to keep in mind as you prepare – things to consider so you and your family have a safe and productive spring!

Review all electrical wiring and cords

Spring is the perfect time to inspect your outdoor wiring. If you are using extension cords, ensure they are not hidden under rugs, furniture, or in high-traffic areas. Inspect all cords for signs of damage before using, ensuring there are no frays or cracks. This same rule applies for power tools and any other electrical items coming out of winter hibernation.

Something to keep in mind - extension cords are considered a temporary solution and should not be used for more than 30 consecutive days, so if you need to add an extra electrical outlet, get in touch.

Watch for overhead and underground electrical

Doing some landscaping? Installing a shed or playhouse? Building a fence? Get really familiar with the power lines on your property - both overhead and underground. Make sure any plants or structures are kept clear of utility boxes that may be on your property, and consider the location of overheard power lines that may become problematic as trees grow and mature. Lastly, don't forget to call your utilities provider before you dig- buried electrical cables, pipes, and gas lines are not something you want to find by accident.

Inspect your outdoor electrical equipment

If you are using electrical equipment like lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, saws, or other tools this spring, give them a quick inspection for signs of fray, wear and tear, or damage from the winter elements before you start. Make sure you’re using only insulated extension cords designed for use outdoors, and of course keep all cords away from water- this includes wet grass from dew or rain, or standing puddles from winter melt.

Although there are tons of home improvement and maintenance projects you can easily tackle yourself, some things in your home should be left to the professionals. If you find yourself needing an extra hand or a professional opinion for any of your electrical projects, give Blais Electric a call!

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