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Tips to Help Prep for Fall

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Whether we want to admit it or not, the days are getting shorter and the mornings are beginning to feel brisker - fall is just around the corner. As the cooler weather moves many of our daily activities back indoors, keep these electrical safety tips in mind for the coming months of hibernation.

  • Safely clean, store, and winterize warm weather tools like lawn mowers and trimmers. Ensuring they are in good repair for next seasons use.

  • Take a moment to inspect and prepare colder weather tools like leaf and snow blowers- inspecting their power cords for signs of unusual wear and tear, and repairing or replacing any worn tools before the leaves (or snow) fly.

  • Unplug and safely store extension cords, outdoor lighting, summer equipment, and battery chargers that won't be used again until spring.

  • Ensure any outdoor electrical devices that will be used over the winter are weather-safe and safe fro moisture.

  • Keep dry leaves swept away from outdoor lighting, outlets, and power cords.

  • Check power cords on indoor cold weather items such as space heaters and electric heating pads - looking for any signs of wear such as fray, cracks, bends, or cuts.

  • Shorter days mean more need for lighting - Ensure all your lamps and fixtures have efficient, low-wattage bulbs and are in good repair.

If you need any help getting fall ready, or have an electrical project you are looking to complete in the coming months, get in touch with Blais Electric today to schedule a service call.

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