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Why Every Home Needs Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide (also known as CO) is an invisible and odourless gas that can be emitted in our homes through fuel-burning appliances and devices such as clothes dryers, water heaters, furnaces or boilers, fireplaces, gas and wood burning stoves, motor vehicles, generators, power tools, and lawn equipment.

Since CO has no odour, colour, or taste, it cannot be detected by any of our senses, meaning that dangerous concentrations of the gas can build up indoors without us being able to detect a problem. Furthermore, when illness occurs from CO poisoning, the symptoms are similar to the flu, which can lead us to ignore the issue until it's too late. Exposure to CO gas can be fatal.

Carbon monoxide detectors work similarly to smoke detectors, providing security and peace of mind for your family and your home. With battery operated units starting at around $30 and available at any major home supply stores, there is no excuse to not have one. Many versions can be wired right into your home, eliminating the need to remember to test batteries. Newer units often combine smoke and carbon monoxide detection all in one, so if you are in the market for a new smoke alarm, consider seeking out one that also detects CO.

Deciding where to place a CO detector is an important consideration. Our initial thought is typically to place one close to the kitchen or in the furnace room, but experts suggest installing units in bedrooms or hallways near where people sleep. This helps ensure you are alerted should CO be detected while you are sleeping.

In some cases, installing a carbon monoxide detector could save you money on your homeowner’s insurance - more and more, insurance companies are rewarding customers for taking the extra steps necessary to prevent an emergency.

If you have questions about carbon monoxide detectors or need some help installing a wired unit in your home, contact the Blais Electric team today. We can have your unit installed and keeping you safe in no time.

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