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Why it's Time to Shut Off the Gas for Good & Switch to an Electric Stove!

Follow along as we discuss our Top 3 Reasons why you should consider converting to an Electric Stove.


Reason #1: Recent studies have linked Gas Stoves with increased risk of asthma in Children.

  • Exposure to nitrogen oxides (produced when gas is burned) is linked to respiratory problems, especially in children.

  • Many of the harmful emissions produced as a result of gas stove cooking often linger in homes for hours at a time. This unfortunately leads to high levels of harmful emission exposure to inhabitants and compromises overall lung and respiratory function. Numerous studies have shown that these emissions are particularly harmful for children.

If you currently have a gas stove in your home, the best thing you can do to protect you and your family is to ensure that you have adequate ventilation in your kitchen. In addition, you should always complete routine maintenance on these systems and ensure that they are functioning properly.


Reason #2: Although natural gas is a 'clean' fossil fuel, it's still a fossil fuel.

  • Additional Studies have shown that Gas Stoves leak high levels of Methane, a powerful Greenhouse Gas, even when turned off.

  • Gas stoves are traditionally regarded as having a limited overall impact on Greenhouse Gas Emissions comparatively. However, this finding suggests that the actual impact of continuously leaking stoves is much greater than previously recorded.

  • Despite industry reports and traditional jargon, "Natural Gas" is still a fossil fuel and still produces harmful emissions that contribute to climate change.

  • Given the extend of anthropogenic climate impacts (human caused), converting to an electric stove is not only a safer choice for you and your family, but also more broadly helps to contribute to a more sustainable path forward for all.

  • On the path to carbon-neutral housing and infrastructure, it might be time to turn off the gas for good.


Reason #3: Lastly and most importantly...

  • Cooking on an open flame significantly increases the risk of a kitchen or house fire.

  • If you have a gas stove and regularly operate it, please, please be safe!

  • Fire incidents as a result of gas cooking surfaces and ovens can often be quite severe and can get out of control very quickly if not extinguished near-immediately.

  • Additionally, lack of routine maintenance or rodents chewing gas lines can unfortunately cause leaks. Gas build-ups of this nature can result in extremely dangerous situations.


The Benefits of Going Electric!

  • While it is true that Gas Stoves provide higher temperature and faster cook times, the heat produced by these units is often more sporadic and transferred more unevenly throughout your cooking surface.

  • Conversely, Electric Stoves provide uniform heat distribution and provide for more predictable results with your cooking.

  • AND, despite commonly held beliefs, electric stove technology has advanced quite a bit and many products now boast very rapid boiling rates for stove-top cooking!

Enter: Induction stoves!

  • What is Induction?

    • Traditional electric cooktops use a metal coil or other means to heat the cooking surface, which in turn heats the pan on top of it. Induction cooktops, by comparison, use an induction coil to generate electromagnetic waves that directly heat a magnetized pan. By directly transferring energy, induction cooking reduces thermal loss, cooks food faster, and adjusts pan temperatures quickly.

So there you have it. Here's the reasons why we, and many others, highly recommend converting to an electric stove system for your home!

As always, we hope that we've provided you with some really useful information that will help you stay safe and stay informed when it comes to all things electrical!


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