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Why We Are A Living Wage Employer

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

What is a Living Wage?

Different from a provincially mandated minimum wage, a Living Wage is a conservative estimate of the hourly rate that a household needs to make in order to meet its basic needs, support the healthy development of their children, and fully participate in work, family, life, and community activities.

The amount is reassessed every two years, and is based on the regions cost of living, taking into account government transfers added to the family’s income (such as the Universal Child Care Benefit) and deduction being subtracted (such as income taxes and Employment Insurance premiums.)

Blais Electric is proud to be a recognized as a Living Wage Employer after making the commitment to pay our employees at least a Living Wage - A movement we are passionate to be championing.

Of course, this commitment increases the quality of life for our team - aligning closely with our core values and ensuring our employees are compensated fairly for their hard work. But studies have also shown paying a Living Wage makes good business sense - leading to increased worker morale, health, and quality of service, and lowering absenteeism, turnover, and recruitment and training costs. A win win for everyone.

To learn more about Living Wage, visit Living Wage Canada.

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