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A Passive House in Walter's Falls, Ontario

What is a passive house?

In short, it's a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency - through heavy insulation, airtight construction, proper ventilation, passive heating and cooling technology, and high-efficiency windows, passive structures consume upwards of 90% less energy than conventional buildings, resulting in ultra-low energy outputs (and costs!) and a significantly reduced ecological footprint.

This past week, Blais Electric has been working in Walter's Falls wiring an beautiful passive house- One that will utilize the technology outlined above, saving the owners significant costs on heating and cooling, and dramatically reducing their ecological footprint in the process. This particular house is 100% efficient electrical - The entire house uses only 3000 watts of baseboard heat (it's only heat source) and has an electric instant hot water heater. We have also installed an electric vehicle charging station.

If passive housing is something you would like to learn more about, or if you are just curious to learn how you can effectively reduce your overall energy costs, please get in touch with Blais Electric today. We are happy to share knowledge, ideas, and information to get you started on your green electrical journey.

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